WRS Crowdfunding by Sinwattana

On 18 July 2022, Mr Jakkapan Rattanapet, the CEO and a Co-founder of WRS Group, announced the MOU Signing Ceremony with Ms Hong Sin Kwek, the Acting Chairman, CEO and Founder of Sinwattana Crowdfunding Corporation, the company under the supervision of Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This MOU Signing Ceremony took place when Sinwattana Crowdfunding Corporation was appointed to support WRS Group to raise 100 million Baht funds to expand its group businesses throughout Asia and has a clear plan to be ready to list in the Stock Exchange Thailand “SET” by the end of 2025. This ceremony was witnessed by the company’s business alliances and media at ITF Tower Silom Bangkok, the head office of Sinwattana Crowdfunding Equity.

Mr Jakkapan Rattanapet, the CEO and a Co-founder of WRS Group, revealed that WRS Group is a group of businesses with expertise in luxury lifestyle services for affluent clients and world-class privilege sourcing and managing services for corporations for over 15 years. WRS Group has four businesses under its wings: World Reward Solution, a world-class privilege sourcing and managing services for corporations. Next, WRX, an online platform development services, applications and technologies, and White Glove Delivery and Services, premium lands logistic services such as global and domestic limousine services and premium gift delivery services. And lastly, Silver Voyage Club is a concierge and Luxury lifestyle services management for affluent clients. WRS Group has well-rounded experiences in taking care of High-net-worth-individuals and corporations in Thailand and Asia.

“WRS Group has been growing continuously with the latest highlight and achievement on being appointed to be an official management team of the Smart Concierge applications and the One-Stop Hospitality Service for the APEC CEO Summit 2022. With our capability, resources and experiences in luxury and lifestyle services, we strongly believe that we are ready to elevate the level of luxury and lifestyle services for Thailand and Asia to be a global leaders. With the endemic and global uncertainty announcement, we have been experiencing a higher demand for more exclusive services and astonishingly witnessed significant market growth. Therefore, we are being tested for our solid capability and delivery, and we are working with partners in the region to expand the WRS Group businesses throughout Asia.

This fundraising will aid us in terms of our ability to continue to develop and expand our business units further, as well as to increase our capacity to facilitate and take care of our new clients within Thailand and Asia. This plan aligns with our vision that we are heading towards for 2025 to build WRS Group to be the first and truly global company as a leader in Luxury Lifestyle Management, Concierge Services, and Worldwide Privileges, Providing Services to nurture High-net-worth and Ultra-Luxury clienteles and corporations in Asia. And we will be the first company of its kind to enter Thailand’s Stock Market.” emphasized Mr Jakkapan Rattanapet.

Ms Hong Sin Kwek, the Acting Chairman, CEO and Founder of Sinwattana Crowdfunding Corporation, mentioned that Sinwattana Crowdfunding Corporation, a company approved by Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is the first proven crowd investing platform for all industries and focus on supporting companies who aspire to go global. With her success in raising fund for several medium and small-sized firms in Thailand, the company is proud and delighted to be appointed as a representative to raise the fund via the equity crowdfunding investment for WRS Group. With a wreath of international and local investors, it is an excellent opportunity for the company to serve WRS Group at this growth and expansion stage for WRS is a leader in Luxury Lifestyle and Concierge Services that has proven its rocketed growth in terms of the number of clientele and business units and its readiness to enter the stock market the next couple of years.

“This fundraising is a vital move for WRS Group’s business strategies that set the goal to expand the Silver Voyage Club’s exclusive members from 2,000 to 20,000 within 2023. In addition, this will help us to be able to expand our coverage to tap on what WRS has done well in luxury lifestyles, such as digital lifestyle services, a database platform for High-Net-Worth and Ultra-Luxury Individuals, food and beverages business, real estate management services, as well as Health and Beauty business. The first target is to expand our branch to four countries within the South East Asia region, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam, within 2023.” said Mr Jakkapan Rattanapet, the CEO and a Co-founder of WRS Group

WRS Group, a company servicing more than 50 leading conglomerates, has been appointed to develop and manage the Smart Concierge Application and is the official organization to offer a One-stop Hospitality Service for APEC CEO Summit 2022 organized in Bangkok, Thailand. This year, the team will welcome and facilitate CEOs and Executives in a total of more than 3,000 delegates from 21 APEC economies. The summit will be taken place from 16 – 18 November 2022 at ICONSIAM.

To be a part of the growing WRS Group or for more information on investment, please contact Sinwattana Crowdfunding Corporation, Khun Bow or K Antz at email sns@sinwattana.com and tyh@sinwattana.com, telephone number 097-949-3883 or 02-233-3723. Remember to mention “Press Release” to claim your perks. It is a limited opportunity. Visit the website about Equity CrowdFunding at https://equity.sinwattana.com